The Force Of Optimism VS Our Dark Side: Is There A Balance?

Most people think of Star Wars when it comes to “the force”, but what about in our life? We all carry a dark side to a certain extent and we all can carry the force of light to battle an empire of circumstances! There are many forces in this world, forces within the self, in people’s environment and around social circles. Some are good and healthy positive vibes, others are a bit more negative and heavy to bear. Many learn to find their way around difficult circumstances and difficult people, but a lot of times it becomes more tricky to navigate the positive and negative within the self. 

In a world filled with do’s and don’ts, balance becomes a huge asset when dealing with optimism and pessimism, too much of one can lead to unrealistic expectations and too much of the other can become emotionally destructive to one self and others. This is where, figuratively speaking, the Rebel Alliance of optimism and the Empire of our dark side can come together forming a powerful alliance into healthy thinking! Which force is strong within you? Discover what useful training we all can use to build a better mindset…

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Building Resilience In A Challenging World: How These Life Changing Principles Can Benefit Your Family

Today, people live in a world filled with anxieties, pain and grief; where technology has stolen the beating heart of life and replaced it with mechanical living and a rise in depression for many. Especially as a mother, it is concerning to wonder what influences lay out there for my child and her wellbeing. How can people fight for a better way of living? Well, this world can also be filled with hope, happiness and access to healthy coping skills! All have heard or read how much society is becoming dependent on electronic devices, learning anti-social behavior and so on, but when it comes to healthy living, parents and others, carry the ability to live life to the fullest and can teach their children to do the same!

Personally, coming from a difficult past and having met many challenges in life, the greatest life lesson has been self growth! Growing from difficulties is a painful process, but it is also the most rewarding in creating endurance through perseverance and mindfulness. Problems and road blocks can force a change of perspective; for me, moments of true peace, happiness and fulfillment were found after the effort in changing myself, my life and way of thinking. When focusing on a healthier mindset, admitting wrongs and changing certain habits I gained self confidence and recognized my ability to be more self aware and positive. The most amazing thing about it, is that I accomplished a better self through better thinking! Many people may need a little extra help using alternative methods like therapy, medication or natural remedies, but the real change in creating a better self stems from personal thoughts and habits.

Once I became a mother, it became imperative to incorporate more positive thinking and life principles, for me to be a better person through difficulties and to share the good we can find despite heartache. There is a deep realization that parents need to model a healthy wellbeing for their children to gain real coping skills. With all of the distractions in todays society, the decline in healthy social behaviors and world conflicts at a all time high, we owe it to the next generation to find positivity in this world!

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