Hi, my name is Melissa Johnson and I’m excited to be building a professional lifestyle blog on positivity, well-being, healthy thinking habits and family for you parents and bloggers out there!  All article posts are written through personal experience and research in psychology, parenting and other scientific based resourcing.  I will also be including personal and inspiring pieces of writing to share, be it prose or a personal quote!

With this little passion of mine, I want to accomplish something new in taking experiences and turning my writing into a way to focus on the positive! I am a mother to a beautiful daughter and step-mother to two beautiful and unique step-daughters, who deserve to see positive reinforcement in their lives. We ourselves, play the biggest role in change and growth. I have found that mindfulness, self-acceptance and consistent learning can bring a sense of peace when going through the most trying of times. We all have the power inside of us to discover strength, happiness, and self-worth! It takes finding that motivation and sticking with it, what better way to build stronger and happier families and relationships for the future!