The Little Moments That Grow


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In my past couple posts I’ve delved into step-family life, challenges, keeping positive and the whole staying strong despite the hardships. And today, while having my daughter be extra clingy, holding onto my leg and giving long sweet hugs when I pick her up, I thought how much more I should hold onto to these moments! How I should document them and remember how greatly privileged I am to be, not just a step-mom, but a mother to my own child as well.

I have made it a point when I can, to write down special milestones and the little new things she is doing and so on. I also have a personal pregnancy journal I kept up with for her in the future to have, I still need to add entries of her milestones and growth as well. Another project for my to-do list! Thought it would be so special to have something like that passed on to her, to remind her of how much love I have/had even before she was born and it would be a great way to pass down my experiences for when she grows up and has a child of her own.

Miss Evangelina Grace is going on 16 months now, walking like a pro and surprising me everyday with what she is learning. Words like “bye bye, hey, look” and my favorites “come on” and “wow!”. She is a little explorer, loves climbing things and has raided my kitchen cabinets. Definitely time to make an effort to get those cabinet locks in! Oh, how I wish I had more time and energy to do all I would like to accomplish! I am definitely proud of how much she is already starting to learn, she can pick out letters and colors, and has started to try counting, even with her fingers! I some times kick myself for not doing more one on one learning/play activities, as I’m always having things to do in the house and to take care of the rest of the family. It helps reminding myself of how I do make sure to take a few times through the day to have good quality time with her and in all she is doing and accomplishing. I’m always making sure to be proactive with her milestones and growth spurts, all the learning phases she is now entering into.

It is exhausting at times and it can be overwhelming being a mother and then having the extra role of step-mother. But, despite some hard days, I truly love being a mom! It is rewarding to feel and have a connection from the beginning and there is nothing else like it! Her smile brightens my day and her silly personality just melts my heart! She is a very affection girl, always giving hugs and just wanting to be held to being miss independent in keeping herself busy with her books and toys. And despite seeming pretty attached to mommy since I am with her the most, she does very well in social situations. I am lucky to have a happy child, at least most of the time, haha. She does have her tough days and nights, but all in all, she does pretty well.

So, I take in the wonderful beautiful moments and breathe in the bonding as if it was the very breathe keeping me alive. I dwell on the good in motherhood, because being both a mother and a step-mom can be hard!


What are things you do as keepsakes for your little ones? Or what have you found to be an effective way in keeping up with all the special moments and milestones? I would love to find different ideas in how you document those moments and what you feel is special or important to pass down? Another big one for me is inculcating positive habits starting as soon as now! Like deep breathes to calm down and positive thinking/mindfulness for good self esteem as she gets older. I want to help her learn important qualities of self and towards others that she can possess and the strength to get through hard times without allowing people to manipulate her in anything! There is so much to work on, even for myself, in growing my daughter into the best possible person she can be! I take it day by day with what I feel is right to start with and work on and will do my best to keep going! It is a great responsibility, but one I will do anything to do right!


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