“Take It Easy Momma” – If Only It Was Easy

Being a busy mom is hard work and there have been plenty of times I wish breaks could be possible. With an almost two year old and step-daughters starting school again, driving around and doing errands, housework truly gets mundane and wishing we could just eat out all of the time is a dream. Have you felt caught up in that school rush on top of other responsibilities? I have, and it is wearing my motherly energy down! But, there are positives to the chaos and exhaustion that I daily remind myself.

“Take it easy momma”

It’s a phrase seen more and more in today’s social media and in parenting blogs, and rightfully so. Even for me, I feel the tension and stress build from the nonstop of motherhood that there are days I feel exhausted, and yet keep going, or overwhelmed and get easily frustrated with simple things. Then bam! I have one of those moments that I feel I am just not being myself and take a beautiful step back.  I mean, just let my daughter have a little extra screen time so I can breath and refocus, or grab daddy for an extra hand after dinner to take a warm relaxing shower! The same goes for sleep or getting yourself out for a walk and fresh air. Professionals encourage the time to take care of yourself, like this article on Taking Care of Yourself Makes You a Better Momand it really does! I can get back to wife and mommy duties less stressed out.

“A mom who is well rested, eats a healthy diet, gets plenty of exercise, maintains close relationships with friends and gets help when she realizes she isn’t coping well, is far more equipped to be the best mother she can be than one who doesn’t do those things. It isn’t selfish to take time to exercise or to get an adequate sleep each night.”

It’s the little things mixed with a bit of mind over matter.

Most days it is far from simple to ‘take it easy’, as mothers we are the sole caretaker of our little ones and the main house keeper when we are a stay at home mom. When the function of your home depends on your daily routine, it feels even more overwhelming taking a break from doing that routine. The dishes pile up with the housework, and depending on others doesn’t always panout. So I keep at it all I can, until some reasoning kicks in and I remind myself that it is ok to take a break! Someone else can help with a daily routine and a little mess never hurt anyone. I allow myself to relish in the simple quiet moments that are still existent- some TV time while the toddler naps and everyone else is out of the house or (my most favorite) writing out my next article or blog piece and feeling good doing something I like to do!

Cherish the good moments!

Hearing your, very well onto the terrible twos, toddler screaming at the top of her lungs or throwing more tantrums over what food she will or will not eat can be extremely overwhelming some days. You do your best to stay calm and keep working on different ways to help her learn or express her very hard feelings at this stage, and in only four hours into the day you are exhausted. The work I have put into dwelling on more positive thinking and becoming more mindful, flashes in my mind and I remember to look at all of my daughters everyday accomplishments despite the tantrums. Amongst all the hard work and days, she has managed to start speaking in sentences and is recognizing pictures in books. She loves to draw and with me practicing her letters with her already, she can write the letter ‘A’!image  How much it makes me proud to see not just her everyday growth but my work as a mother! Even sweeter than that is her every day love to cuddle, hug and kiss, bringing me right into the present and slowing down to enjoy it with her. It is worth all the time and energy to discover such beautiful and amazing moments in life!

Are you struggling to keep it together momma’s? If so, find that voice inside of yourself to be ok in allowing a breather for you! Sometimes even other people’s judgements on what we are or are not doing, can get the best of us and stop us from feeling like we deserve to have time to ourselves. Personally, I love delving into my 30’s as a mom, a place in life where you learn to be happy with yourself, living for you and your family not for others. We even have professionals and therapists out there recommending to take those time outs as a mom, it is important to keep being the best wife and mother you can be. I have a healthy, smart and growing daughter, two step daughters growing and becoming wonderful individuals themselves and a great husband who keeps working and doing his best. It can be the hardest responsibility, yet it is all worth it and some personal time well deserved! What little things do you do for yourself as a mother or parent?


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The Force Of Optimism VS Our Dark Side: Is There A Balance?

Most people think of Star Wars when it comes to “the force”, but what about in our life? We all carry a dark side to a certain extent and we all can carry the force of light to battle an empire of circumstances! There are many forces in this world, forces within the self, in people’s environment and around social circles. Some are good and healthy positive vibes, others are a bit more negative and heavy to bear. Many learn to find their way around difficult circumstances and difficult people, but a lot of times it becomes more tricky to navigate the positive and negative within the self. 

In a world filled with do’s and don’ts, balance becomes a huge asset when dealing with optimism and pessimism, too much of one can lead to unrealistic expectations and too much of the other can become emotionally destructive to one self and others. This is where, figuratively speaking, the Rebel Alliance of optimism and the Empire of our dark side can come together forming a powerful alliance into healthy thinking! Which force is strong within you? Discover what useful training we all can use to build a better mindset…

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Building Resilience In A Challenging World: How These Life Changing Principles Can Benefit Your Family

Today, people live in a world filled with anxieties, pain and grief; where technology has stolen the beating heart of life and replaced it with mechanical living and a rise in depression for many. Especially as a mother, it is concerning to wonder what influences lay out there for my child and her wellbeing. How can people fight for a better way of living? Well, this world can also be filled with hope, happiness and access to healthy coping skills! All have heard or read how much society is becoming dependent on electronic devices, learning anti-social behavior and so on, but when it comes to healthy living, parents and others, carry the ability to live life to the fullest and can teach their children to do the same!

Personally, coming from a difficult past and having met many challenges in life, the greatest life lesson has been self growth! Growing from difficulties is a painful process, but it is also the most rewarding in creating endurance through perseverance and mindfulness. Problems and road blocks can force a change of perspective; for me, moments of true peace, happiness and fulfillment were found after the effort in changing myself, my life and way of thinking. When focusing on a healthier mindset, admitting wrongs and changing certain habits I gained self confidence and recognized my ability to be more self aware and positive. The most amazing thing about it, is that I accomplished a better self through better thinking! Many people may need a little extra help using alternative methods like therapy, medication or natural remedies, but the real change in creating a better self stems from personal thoughts and habits.

Once I became a mother, it became imperative to incorporate more positive thinking and life principles, for me to be a better person through difficulties and to share the good we can find despite heartache. There is a deep realization that parents need to model a healthy wellbeing for their children to gain real coping skills. With all of the distractions in todays society, the decline in healthy social behaviors and world conflicts at a all time high, we owe it to the next generation to find positivity in this world!

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Practical Ways To Inspire Motivation 

As a wife, mother and step-mom motivation is a major key within family life. With daily reminders, guidance and encouragement, there is always a need to keep going and motivate others. Some days it can be very hard to find that motivation let alone be consistent with it in a busy stressful life. I have found that despite the challenges, just recognizing the importance of routine and encouragement in the family can give me a boost to accomplish what I need to.

The greatest struggle, is motivating others to accomplish their own personal goals. This is where I have learned consistency within ourself plays a huge role in motivation. How can we personally push ourselves and find that drive? How do we encourage others by doing so? What really is behind motivation? Here, I’ll share some practical findings and tips I have recognized as important and worthwhile. For personal or a professional life, we can find the right tools for inspiring and maybe a little inspiration from those motivational quotes we see everywhere!

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The Super Power In Positive Thinking

Once you recognize the super power within a single thought, there is a beautiful transformation hidden behind it! For me, learning the mindset to believe in myself has been a wondrous step towards strength and endurance, even if life won’t let up on its challenges.

I have discovered that we can rise to a thinking level beyond a world of negativity that permeates its weight of low self esteem and bitterness. Find ways to feel good and build others up, be an example worth setting! How does it really make a difference? You may ask. Is our way of thinking really anything like that vigilante on your favorite TV show striving for the good?

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My Journey Into A Positive Life

It is not the easiest journey, but a determined one for myself and my family. After giving birth to a child and having two step-daughters who have gone through so much, something clicked inside myself to overcome certain tendencies and create a better mindset for myself and for them.

Positivity stems from our thoughts and way of thinking, as well as learning to be mindful and self loving. Seeing my self in a better light then I have in the past is one of the biggest differences I have made and has truly changed my own behavior and outlook. Focusing on your good qualities and strengths despite any mistakes or past is truly a super power to motivating you in carrying out the effort in building a more positive outlook and coping skills.

imageI still have days I am down, days I am angry and frustrated with others, days I feel insecure and hurt. Sometimes it stems from past experiences with others that have caused distrust and sometimes it is simply the ups and downs of motherhood and life. Despite those days, I have managed to keep reminding myself of the good and in refocusing my thinking.

This week is a start of implementing new steps into keeping up my transformation into a more positive person and life:

1.) Disconnecting from social media such as Instagram. It is like FB in becoming a time waster and getting caught up in likes, no likes and so on. I need the ability to feel more focused instead of distracted and this is one way I feel I personally can accomplish that. My goal is to start with two to three weeks detox and then work on only using Instagram once a week instead of everyday.

2.) Put forth even more time with my 18 month old daughter and in creating learning activities for her much developing brain. The importance of keeping up with the milestones and giving the best start of learning is one of my priorities I would like to give better in.

3.) Taking advantage of focusing on my thinking and self love so as to overcome the anxieties that still creep up. And in doing so, continuing to encourage more positive thinking with my step-daughters. Also, finding a way to build my confidence when around certain people so as to give out an even better kindness.

4.) Working on my mindfulness and taking in the good moments. Help me to dwell on the good around.

The deep rooted motivator to all of this is simply watching the affects of negative thinking within others, the affects of negative thinking even within myself and how much I do not want that for my own daughter. Recognizing through simple observation how other people’s behavior and way of thinking can truly affect our thinking and instill negative habits or behavior. I want to prove to be better than that for my child. Prove that we ourselves have the power to change a circumstance instead of wallow and blaming others. That wonderful power of Perspective!

imageSo, I choose to be that positive mother who encourages seeing the good in others and not always focusing on mistakes or flaws. The one who helps her daughter find strength in herself, not letting her second guess everything because of some unnatural fear that something is always wrong. I will be the mother who will recognize that some situations and days may be sad, hard, difficult and aggravating, but will always help redirect her perspective from focusing too much on those feelings. I will nonstop include spiritual aspects in her life and teach self awareness; that not everything is because of others, but that we ourselves can play into a situation and need to show true integrity in owning up to our own mistakes and imperfections. That it’s okay if we do make mistakes as long as we learn from them. She will be taught to not involve herself in negative and unwholesome drama focused on gossip. I will be there to help her accept that she doesn’t have to be perfect, she can and will make mistakes, but that never means she is less of a person because of it. In doing so, I hope to help her accept the imperfections of others instead of needing to always judge what someone says or does. I will give a healthy sense of adventure and allow her to grow into the person she wants to be, without creating unnecessary fears that could stop her from what she can do or experience.

I choose to be a more positive and grateful person for my daughter!

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